Episode 03 – PAX West 2016

From PAX West, Kris hosts the Scared Yet panel with three guests: Paul Verhoeven, Alanah Pearce and Anna Megill.

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  • Tyler

    Hiya Kris and Abby,

    I’d love to know your thoughts on the ARG trend – a la Marble Hornets, Alantutorial, This House Has People in it, and the like. Would you qualify these projects as horror, or as user-dependent mysteries under the guise of horror, or something else entirely?

  • GaranjeAutomatic

    I think emotional security and how it relates to fears is friggin’ fascinating. Kris is afraid of uncertainty and lack of knowledge in a helpless situation, Anna’s scared of the very real-world concern of getting stabbed, and Paul, well, that ol’ boy’s just afraid of everything.

    I’ve definitely had the whole “serial killer v murderghost” talk with friends before and I just started to realize how indicative that is of someone’s worldview. Like, you don’t have any reason to be afraid of a serial killer if you think you can fight one to the death, and you don’t have any reason to be afraid of ghosts because ghosts aren’t real. On the flip-side of that, someone stabbing you in an alleyway is a very real thing that can happen and result in harm/death, and the unreality of torment at the hands of an unkillable, unsurmountable foe is something that if it ever DID happen, you would be absolutely boned.

    I kind of want to do a study on security and horror. Besides the dimensions mentioned above, I know that a lot of people don’t give a damn if anything happens to THEM – some people are more scared of losing things external to themselves like loved ones, and not necessarily to physical harm/death (i.e., abandonment or rejection). So I’m kind of curious what kind of emotional structures lead to fearing harm toward the self/other, and harm from real/fantastic sources.

    tl;dr: You guys may have given me a dissertation idea.

  • Lauren!

    If some snazzy commenter (or Kris) could list the games mentioned in this episode, I’d be much obliged! Also, I’d never get any more writing done, as I would be playing all of the games… So, really, either way is fine 😀

  • Efreeti

    It’s a long time ago now but, I’m really confused here. They started talking about music after Kris asked if they could possibly take questions from the audience, but then they suddenly started all talking about a specific game without saying the name of it? What game was that? Something about being in a mine and finding a recording of a folk song made by miners, and there being a floor full of …bears?