Episode 06 – Horror, Depression, Reentry

Kris and Abby return to talk about what happens when the world contains enough horror that it’s difficult to have fun with horror.

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  • Caleb Scott Lamb

    I’d love to hear your opinions on the movie It Follows. A personal favorite of mine.

  • Conor O’ Sullivan

    Hey guys, really enjoying the podcast.

    Listening to you talking about listening to good horror (or st least, non-creepypasta) made me ask if either of you have listened to The Magnus Archives.

    It’s an outstanding weekly horror podcast, good writing and very well read.

    Check it out.


  • Conor O’ Sullivan

    The other recommendation is the Netflix movie, “I am the Pretty Thing that lives in the house”. Very slow, sedate horror.

  • Anonoman

    I really, really like this podcast, you guys make excellent co-hosts of each other. Topic idea: oral spooky stories, i.e. stuff preteens tell each other around campfires. Probably the origin of horror, and a pretty formative experience for a lot of folks. What do you guys think about the slightly cheesy tactic of having a friend sneak up from behind on your audience while you tell the story? Is there anything scarier than finding a bloody hook on your car? Why do teens always make out in the woods near poorly-secured insane asylums?

  • Ellis Dunegan

    Where is the best place to post/send stories?

  • Anodos

    More, please